b'Growers Supporting Growers In DCby Kam Quarles, NPC Executive Vice President and CEOEvery February, potato growers from informedontheissuesandtheiracrossthecountrydescendupon solutions,meetingattendeestakethenationscapital.Whatcauses theindustryspublicpolicypriori-this annual migration? Their com- ties to Capitol Hill and meet directlymitmenttofightingforabetter withkeymembersofCongress,future for their businesses and the their staff, and top regulatory offi-entire U.S. potato industry.cials. HostedbytheNationalPotato Priority issues to be addressed thisCouncil, the Potato D.C. Fly-In pro- year include trade, agriculture laborvidesanopportunityforpotato reform,nutrition,accesstocropgrowers and allied industry partners protectiontools,andresearchforto educate federal policy makers on potatoes.NPCissues that could impact their farmsandbusinessesforyearstocome. Attendees also get a chance to hearThis event has grown in importance directly from Beltway insiders whoeach year, as new members of the havetheirfingersonthepulseofMessageHouse of Representatives and Senate thecurrentpoliticalenvironment.areelectedwhoincreasinglyhave Thisyearskeynotespeakerbacklittle connection to production agri- bypopulardemandisCharlieculture or rural America. These offi- Cook,theeditorandpublisherofcialsneedthecommon-senseper- The Cook Political Report. Cook is aspective of our industry as they seek nationallyrenownedpoliticalana-tosolvesomeofourcountrys lyst who specializes in election fore-largest challenges.casts and political trends. He will beon hand to provide his take on theThemeetingisopentoanyone 2020 primary and general elections,interested in making a difference for as well as identify opportunities fortheindustry.Duringthemeeting businessestomakeanimpactonthey are given the tools to advocate policy proposals winding their wayfor laws and regulations to improve through Washington.ourbusinessclimate.Oncefully14 POTATO GROWER JANUARY 2020'