F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 9 POTATO GROWER 27 People, Product News Projected Profits For 2019 Crops Varies By Regions In North Dakota The two highest acreage crops in North Dakota, soybeans and wheat, project limited returns to labor and management in most regions for 2019, says Andy Swenson, North Dakota State University Extension farm man- agement specialist. Generally, hard red spring wheat projects a return between $5 and $10 per acre. The strongest return, $22 per acre, is projected in the north- eastern region, but losses of $5 to $10 per acre are projected in the northwestern, south-central and southern Red River Valley regions. "Surprisingly, soybeans project positive returns to labor and management in all but one region, despite lower soybean prices compared to last year's budgets," says Swenson. "There is a projected loss of $10 per acre in the northeastern region, but for the rest of the state, returns range from $1 an acre in the southern Red River Valley to $33 per acre in the north-central region. The third most popular crop by acreage, corn, projects losses in all regions. A loss of $5 to $10 per acre is projected for the west- ern regions and for the south- eastern, and losses between $20 and $40 per acre are projected in the other regions. Dry beans, malting barley, lentils