The scienti c explanation. Calcium is a required element for tuber development. A calcium de ciency in plants results in dividing cells being unable to stay bound together. This causes poor quality potatoes such as reduced size, growth cracks and hollow heart. ENCOURAGE NANOCAL is a unique formulation of calcium carbonate. Typical calcium soil additives have particle sizes of up to 200 microns, too big to be readily absorbed by roots. NANOCAL is milled to less than one micron. This greatly expands the calcium surface area, and allows an order of magnitude more particles in solution, providing a denser eld of calcium particles for uptake. Foliar-applied calcium does not translocate to tubers. The only ef cient way to move calcium into developing tubers is through root and tuber uptake. Soil-applied NANOCAL’s particle size allows immediate movement into the meristematic region of growing roots. Soil-applied NANOCAL calcium particles are immediately available to developing tubers. Bene ts of improved calcium uptake at tuber initiation include: • Dramatic reduction in hollow heart • Improved shelf life and storability • Better uniformity at maturity • Increased rmness • Increased yield Learn more at ENCOURAGE NANOCAL is a proprietary trademark of Oro Agri Inc. ENCOURAGE NANOCAL is not currently registered in Oregon. Always read and follow label directions. ® ®