b"Defining Ultra-Processed Foods:Where Do Chips And Fries Fit?Bonnie Johnson,MS, RDN, Director of Nutrition and Industry Relations, Potatoes USALet's face it - the world of nutritionidentified by NOVA involves physi-can be confusing, and the ongoingcal,biological,andchemical debateaboutultra-processedfoodsprocesses that occur after foods are (UPF)isnoexception.Despitetheseparatedfromnatureandbefore lack of consensus among U.S. nutri- they are eaten or used in preparing tionistsaboutthedefinitionofadishes and meals (Monteiro, 2010). UPF, the buzz around this topic con- Fromthoseconsiderations,foods tinues. More frustrating is that evenare grouped into four categories: though most chips and fries do not meet the widely used definition ofGroup1:UnprocessedorMini-UPFs, they are often mentioned in amally Processed story or shown in an image along-side articles about UPFs. It is possi- UnprocessedorNaturalfoods bletocorrectthismisinformationcomedirectlyfromplantsorani-when armed with an understandingmals and are not altered before they A US Potatoesare eaten.ofthedefinitionofUPFsandtheargument as to why chips and friesMinimallyprocessedfoodshave should not be the poster child forbeencleaned,ground,dried,fer-the movement.mented, pasteurized, or frozen.MessageWhile numerous definitions of UPFs Examples: natural, packaged, cut, float around the nutrition commu- chilledorfrozenvegetables,fruits, nity,theonethatgetsthemostpotatoes,andotherrootsand tubers. attentionistheNOVAFood ClassificationsystemdesignedatGroup 2: Oils, Fat, Salt, and Sugar the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil,(akaProcessedCulinaryIngre-attheCenterforEpidemiologicaldients) StudiesinHealthandNutrition, School of Public Health1. NOVA was These are food ingredients made developedin2010tohelppeoplefromGroup1NaturalFoodsby groupfoodsaccordingtothepressing, grinding, crushing, pulver-extent and purpose of the process- izing,orrefining.NOVAacknowl-ing they undergo. Food processingedges that these are used in homes and restaurants to season and cook 6 POTATO GROWER MAY/JUNE 2023"