b'May/June NPGA Marketing Articleby Ten Acre MarketingAfter a long winter, warmer temps, longerdaysandpotatoesinthe groundarejustwhatthedoctor ordered!Speakingofthelongwinter, Northland sure stayed busy between snowfalls these past few months. We attended many trade shows, hosted ourannualmeeting,andhitthe ground running on the Potat-Oh-Yeahadvertisingcampaign.We haveheardsomefeedbackthat Potat-Oh-Yeah! is the new Beef -Northland Potato Growers Association booth at the 2023 International Crop Expo.ItsWhatsForDinner.whichis super exciting! We also worked withshowisoneofthelargestintheValley Potato Grower. influencer, podcaster and tv person- world, and is a huge event for the ality, SharkFarmer to interview twofood service industry. Thousands ofWe are currently working on an edu-ofourownpotatogrowersforhisrestaurant owners, chefs and indus- cation toolkit to feature on the web-show.tryprofessionalsfromaroundthesite. This toolkit will provide educa-globe attend to take in educationaltionalresourcesforteachersand NorthlandPotatoAssociates(NPA)seminars,networkingeventsandparentswithinformationabout went through a rebrand process overproductdemonstrations.Attendeespotatoes.Thetoolkitwillbeavail-the winter. You will recognize somewill learn about the latest trends andable on FlavorOhYeah.com. Keep an similarities to our own rebrand andinnovations in the food and hospi- eye out for it! logo. However, the NPA logo is yel- tality sectors while connecting with lowandsaysNorthlandPotatoindustrypeers.TheshowboastsaAlso, this summer, continue to look Associates. The goal of the matchingfocusonsustainability,technologyfor the Northland Potat-Oh-Yeah! logo is to show that the two organi- and customer experience.campaignonbillboards,TVs,and zations work hand in hand for thedigital media throughout the state - same purpose. They also have a newWewillhaveaboothshowcasingand if you see one take a picture of website,https://www.northland- NorthlandPotatoesandthedeli- it and send it our way!potatoassociates.com/andcanalsociousness of our potatoes. Jacey will be found on the Northland Potatohave a full report in the next issue of GrowersAssociationwebsiteunder about us."JaceyKuersteinerisattendingthe NationalRestaurantShowin Chicago,May20-24.Thistrade 4 POTATO GROWER MAY/JUNE 2023'