b'Figure 1.Blackspot and shatter bruise evaluations for advanced fresh market selections and cultivars, Crystal, ND, 2022. The trial was planted on May 25, vines shredded on approximately September 6 (104 DAP), and harvested on September 27 (125 DAP). A randomized complete block design was utilized with four replicates. The plots were 20 feet long, with a 12-inch with-in row spacing, and 36 inches between rows. Blackspot bruise determined by the abrasive peel method (Pavek et al. 1985) following storage at 45F, using a scale of 1-5, 1 = none, 5 = severe. As an example, Ranger Russet typically rates as a 4.0 or greater. The mean for blackspot was 3.3, with an LSD of 0.8. Shatter bruise is evaluated using a bruising chamber with digger chain link baffles. Tubers are stored at 45F prior bruising. Shatter bruises are rated on a scale of 1-5, with 1 = none and 5 = many and severe.Mean shatter bruise was 2.0, with an LSD equal to 0.7. MAY/JUNE 2023 POTATO GROWER 21'