b'INSECTICIDEFUNGICIDEMITICIDEThe technology behind this 3-in-1 knockdown pesticide is upending traditional thinking. Control insects, diseases and miteswhile virtually eliminating the chance of resistance build-up. PREV-AMs contact mode of action provides quick knockdown of pests and diseases with no restrictionon the number of applications allowed during the season.Used alone or as an additionalapplication in your spray rotation,PREV-AM is a powerful tool thattodays grower can trust.Learn more about all the benets of PREV-AM broad-spectrum contact 3-in1 insecticide,fungicide and miticide atOroAgriNorthAmerica.comPROUDLY MADE IN THE USAPREV-AM is a proprietary trademark of Oro Agri Inc.Always read and follow label directions.'