b'Crystal Fresh Market Trial 2022 Summary By Dr. Asunta Susie Thompson, NDSU Potato BreederNorth Dakota and Minnesota com-bined produce the most red-skinned potatoes in the US, with about 16% oftotalpotatoproductioninthe two states used for fresh marketing, whichincludesbothred-skinned andyellow-skinnedcultivars.As withallmarkettypes,stringent specificationsmustbemetwhen packing,includingfreedomfrom diseaseandinternalandexternal defects, appropriate size, and attrac-tive appearance. The potato breed-ingprojectatNorthDakotaState University (NDSU) uses convention-albreedingtechniquestodevelopThe 2022 Fresh Market Trial in mid-July near Crystal, North Dakota.new selections and cultivar releases possessingappropriateagronomicused at this non-irrigated site. Rowsplant.Vinesizesignificantlydif-and quality attributes important towere spaced 36 inches apart, with afered, as expected, and ranged from fresh market potato producers and12-inchwithin-rowspacing.Vinesmedium(2.5)forND1455Y-1R,to packing operations. wereshreddedonapproximatelylarge(4.1)forND14113Y-3R;the September 6, and the trial was har- mean across all entries was 3.3. The Fresh market trials were conductedvested on September 27, with daysmean vine maturity was 2.9, with a near Crystal, North Dakota, in 2022,to vine kill and harvest totaling 104rangefromearly(1.6)forYukon onthefarmofDaveandAndyand125,respectively.AgronomicGold to late (4.0) for ND1243-1PY, Moquist (O.C. Schultz), hosts of theevaluations,includingstand,stemand differed significantly as expect-freshmarkettrialsite.TheFreshnumberperplant,vinesize,vineed.ND1243-1PY,apretty,purple-MarketTrialhad30entries,24maturity,andtubersperplantareskinned selection with yellow flesh, advancingselectionscomparedtosummarized in Table 1. Percentagehad the latest maturity in the 2021 sixindustrystandards,whilethestandrangedfrom87to100andFreshMarkettrialaswell,witha Preliminary Fresh Trial included 33differedsignificantly,withameanmean maturity of 4.3. Tuber num-entries,27advancingNDSUselec- of95%.ND14151-20Randber per plant differed significantly, tions compared to six fresh marketND14255Y-1R had reduced stands atranging from 5.6 for Yukon Gold to standards.ResultsfortheFresh87%and91%,respectively.The21.0forND1465-2R,abrightred MarketTrialaresummarizedinmeanstemnumberperplantwasskinned selection resulting from the Tables 1, 2 and Figure 1.3.2 and differed significantly acrosscross of Dakota Ruby x Red Norland. entries. Stems per plant ranged fromUnlike2021,whentubernumbers As in 2021, the trial was planted on2.0to4.6,forYukonGoldandwere low due to heat and moisture May 25, 2022. The field design wasND14282CB-4R,respectively.NDstress,tubernumberswerenormal a randomized complete block with14282CB-4Ralsohadthehighestacross cultivars and selections, rank-fourreplicates;culturalpracticesstem number per plant in the 2021ingsimilarlytootheryears.The typical of the growing region weretrial, with a mean of 4.4 stems perNDSUbreedingprogramattempts 16 POTATO GROWER MAY/JUNE 2023'