b'International Crop ExpoAlerus CenterGrand Forks, North DakotaWednesday, February 19, 20209:00-9:30AM Fertilization After Fall Flooding 9:30-10:00 United Potato Growers Outlook 10:00-10:30 Washington, DC Update10:30-10:45 B R E A K10:45-11:15 Potato Market and Programs Update11:15-11:30 11:30-12:00 Use of Aerial Imagery for Potato Growers Thursday, February 20, 20209:00-9:10AM 9:10-9:209:20-9:50 Whats With The Wild Fall Weather9:50-10:20 10:20-10:30 B R E A K 10:30-11:00 Pointers on Spring Fumigation 11:00-11:30 2020 Vision on Seed Management Andy Robinson &11:30-12:00 Common Scab: A Problem With No SolutionJANUARY 2020 POTATO GROWER 17'