b'tubersweremostprevalentforND12241YB-2Russ. While specific gravi- tion is more stringent than the industry ND091933ABCR-7Russ.ND050032- ty varied significantly across entries, alldefinition (see Table 3 footnote), as any 4Russ and Russet Burbank produced theentrieswiththeexceptionofthetwodeviation of the stem end color from the most US No. 2 and culled tubers, prima- withthelowestlevelsspecificgravity(main)frycoloriscountedasadark rily due to misshapen tubers. Tubers perwere in the acceptable range for process- end. Percentage sugar ends ranged from plantrangedfrom4.5forND1760- ing. Fry color varied significantly across0 to 67%; most of these would be man-23Russ to 9.9 for ND113096-1Russ, dif- entriesfollowingharvest,withscoresageable during processing as they were feringsignificantlyacrossgenotypesrangingfrom0.3(numericvalueuseddue to stem end color ratings under 2.0 (Table 1). for 00 in order to be able to analyze dataon the USDA color chart. Following 8-based on the USDA Fry Color chart; seeweeksstorageat45F(7.2C),allselec-QualityattributesaresummarizedinTable 3 footnote) to 2.4; the mean wastions continued to have acceptable fry Table3andFigure1.Specificgravity0.8 across entrants. All entries, with thecolors; however, several had unaccept-rangedfrom1.0779forexceptionofND14173-2Russhadable stem end fry colors exceeding 2.0 ND091933ABCR-2Russand1.0789foracceptable French fry color when friedontheUDSAcolorchart,including ND14172B-1Russ, to extremely high forat harvest (field fry). Stem end fry colorShepody.Severalentriesdemonstrate DakotaTrailblazer(1.1098)andvariedsignificantlyacrossgenotypes,sugarendresistanceincludingDakota ND12241YB-2Russ(1.1035).Dakotaranging from 0.3 to 2.6. NDSU breedingRusset,DakotaTrailblazer,Ranger Trailblazeristhemaleparentofprogram evaluation for sugar end forma- Russet,ND060735-4Russ,andmany 18 POTATO GROWER APRIL 2023'