S E P T E M B E R / O C O T O B E R 2 0 1 7 26 POTATO GROWER Dr. Jeff Suttle was inducted as an Honorary Life Member at the annu- al meeting of the Potato Association of America (PAA) that was held in Fargo July 23rd thru the 27th. Jeff graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Botany and then proceeded onto Michigam State University where he obtained his PhD in Plant Physiology in 1979. Jeff was quickly hired in 1979 by the USDA/ARS as a research plant physiologist in Fargo, North Dakota. Jeff maintained a keen interest and sharp expertise in the physiology of plant hormone metabolism from the time he was in graduate school and throughout his research career with ARS. Immediately after joining the ARS, his research dealt with the mecha- nism of action of synthetic plant growth regulators with emphasis on chemical defoliants and the manip- ulation of organ abscission in agri- cultural settings. The potato industry and research community was indeed fortunate that in 1991 Dr. Suttle was redirect- ed to conduct research on the iden- tification and modulation of the cognate processes that regulate potato tuber dormancy during postharvest storage. In 1999 he was appointed Acting Research Leader and in 2000 Research Leader of the USDA/ARS Sugar- beet and Potato Research Unit in Fargo, North Dako- ta. His potato research career and accomplishments flourished, benefit- ing the potato industry and con- sumers as well as making strident advances dealing with our scientific knowledge of strate- gic areas of potato tuber dormancy. Jeff has been involved in the PAA and related activities since he began his research program on potato tuber dormancy and associated mechanisms that control tuber sprouting in storage. He has helped to organize PAA symposia, present- ed many oral and poster research summaries of his research at PAA meetings over the years, and served as senior editor for the American Journal of Potato Research. Jeff provided management and oversite of the USDA/ARS research lab in East Grand Forks, Minnesota to assure continued assessment of new genotypes for potato process- ing quality and storability for coop- erating laboratories across the United States. Jeff’s interest and dedication to the PAA and the potato industry contin- ues even after his retirement with his participation as part of the host- ing group for the 2017 PAA meeting held in Fargo this year. It is most fitting that Dr. Jeff Suttle be inducted as an Honorary Life Member in the PAA and that his induction was officiated at the 2017 PAA meetings held in Fargo, North Dakota where Jeff made globally rec- ognized advances in the under- standing and control of potato tuber dormancy and sprout control. Dr. Jeff Suttle, USDA/ARS, Inducted As PAA Honorary Life Member At the 2017 Annual Meeting Dr. Jeff Suttle, USDA/ARS retired (left) accepts his Honorary Life Member award from Dr. Ed Lulai, USDA/ARS at the PAA annual meeting.