S E P T E M B E R / O C O T O B E R 2 0 1 7 20 POTATO GROWER notifications. Dr. Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, talked on Glyphosate and Dicamba on potatoes. Dr. Guiping Yan, NDSU, talked on her research with detection and management of Stubby Root Nematodes. She focused on the tremendous damage that Nematodes can do to potatoes. She said that one of the options for conrolling Nematodes is crop rota- tion. Dr. Ian McRae, UMN, spoke on Colorado Potato Beetle Management and the effects that it is having in the Valley. Mr. Razi Ibrahim talked about potato sensitivity to Metribuzin and Mr. Nelson Geary spoke about his research with the plant back of tubers with Dicamba and Glyphosate. Dr. Mitch Bauske, NDSU, talked on the impact of the nitrogen rate on early blight severity in potatoes under foliar fungicide regimes. Once the Inkster Irrigated Research tours were fin- ished, everyone headed to Hoople for the Hoople Twilight Tour. The Hoople Field Day is held every year at Oberg Farms just outside of Hoople, North Dakota. Over 100 growers and industry people attended the event. Researchers were on hand at Oberg’s Farm to talk with growers and answer any questions they may have from all the research that was covered throughout the day. The NPPGA would like to thank the Oberg family for their continued support of this day. We would also like to thank Wilbur Ellis and CPS (Grafton) for spon- soring the event and to the Potato Associates for cook- ing and serving the meal. There are so many people to thank who helped make this day a success, we really would like to list them all but we can’t. So we would just like to thank everyone who helped make this day the success that it was. We hope to see everyone again next year for Field Day 2018. The crowd listens as the Dr. Susie Thompson, NDSU speaks on her research plots at Carl Hoverson’s farm. Duane ‘Sarge’ Preston (left) talks with RDO’s Ron Offutt. Dr. Susie Thompson, NDSU Potato Breeder introduces the Laura Shannon, new Potato Breeder at the UMN. (To read more on Laura, read the introduction article about her on page 27 of this issue.)