b'Andys Advice: ND8068-5Russ 2018 Research ResultsBy Andy Robinson, Extension Potato Agronomist, NDSU/UMNstandwhatbenefitsanewvariety russet potato that is not expected toprovidesandbewillingtoaccept have extremely high yield becauselower total yield with higher quali- of the early maturity. It would be aty. Many potato growers have tried goodreplacementforsomethingtoadoptnewcultivarswithsome likeaShepody.Inthisone-yearsuccess, but they often lack the time study,wefoundthatyieldswereand ability to conduct quality scien- similaracrosstreatments.Whattific studies because their focus is on stoodoutwasinthepercentofcommercial production.tubers >6 oz, the treatment of 225 lbN/a with 25 lb N/a as ESN + 130 lbBecause of this situation, we set out N/a as Urea at hilling, where 77% ofto develop variety specific manage- the yield was > 6 oz and it had thement practices for advancing selec- highest numerical total yield of 328tions from the NDSU breeding pro- cwt/aandmarketableyield296Thebreedingprocessforpotatoes gram.Wehopethisinformation cwt/a(Table1and2).Thehighertakes a long time, typically 10 to 15 will assist with the release and adop- amountsofnitrogenearlyintheyears. However, after new varieties tion of new varieties. In 2018 a trial season tended to result in a higherare released potato growers often do wasestablishedattheOakes yield. While the opposite was truenotunderstandhowtobestgrow IrrigatedResearchCenternear forRussetBurbankthathadthethembecauseeverypotatovariety Oakes,ND.WeplantedRusset highestnumericalyieldandmar-respondsdifferently.Potatobreed- Burbank(ourcontrol)andthe ketableyieldwhentreatmentsofers work diligently to develop new advancedselectionND8068-5Russ nitrogenonRussetBurbankwerepotato varieties that have desirable onMay16andharvestedon 150lbN/aappliedprimarilyasatraitstoimprovesustainablepro- September 6, 2018. The focus of this simulated fertigation. Keep in mindduction of potatoes. These traits can study was on nitrogen timing and thisisonlyoneyearofworkandinclude resistance to specific pests, rates. The nitrogen rates were 150, environmentalconditionsvaryimproved nutrient use efficiency or 200and225lbN/a.Weapplied from year to year. desirable quality attributes to name varyingratesofESNandUreaata few.hillingandfollowedthesewith These results are somewhat expect-foliar applications of 25-0-0-4.ed.Typically,earlymaturingvari-Often, new potato varieties can be a etiesneedmorenitrogenearlyinchallengetogrowbecauseofthe The 2018 growing season was a bit theseasontoassistwithrapidgreatdiversityofpotatoes. challenging because of hot tempera- canopygrowthandearliertuberTypically,anewvarietyisnot turesinMayandJune.Thismay bulking.ND8068-5Russrespondedgrown the same way as a stand vari- haveaffectedtheearlygrowth, well to high nitrogen rates, early inety. The challenge is learning how tuber set and tuber growth. Overall theseason.Futurestudiesshouldto best grow new varieties to meet yieldswerelessthanexpected. focusonhighernitrogenratesyield and quality goals, or to under- ND8068-5Russ is an early maturing applied early in the growing season. 16 POTATO GROWER MAY/JUNE 2019'