b'2018 Hoople Chip Trial Summary For Developing Chip Processing Potato Genotypesby Dr. Asunta (Susie) Thompson, NDSU Potato BreederPotato continues to be a significant hor- Breeders Trials (NCPT).The Preliminary quality traits are summarized in TablesticulturalcropinNorthDakota, trial is unreplicated and had 47 advanc- 1-3.Long-termstorageevaluationofMinnesotaandtheNorthernPlains. ing selections compared to 10 industry this material will be processed in June.About60%ofpotatoesproducedin standard chip cultivars.This trial givesNorthDakotaandMinnesotaare our program an opportunity to evaluate Percentagestanddifferedsignificantlyprocessed into French fries, chips, and agronomic and chip quality attributes of for the clones, with a range of 63% toother frozen.The potato breeding proj- clones with limited seed quantities.The 95%, and a mean of 87% (Table 1).Theect as part of the potato improvement NCPThad103entriesintheTier1 cloneswithreducedstands,includingteam at North Dakota State University (unreplicated),includingninefrom ND102917C-1andWaneta,hadlower(NDSU),strivestoidentifygermplasm NDSU, and 44 in the Tier 2 (replicated). yields, as expected, at harvest.Vine sizeandreleaseimprovedpotatocultivars The 2018 Chip Processing trial had 20 also differed significantly for the entries,adapted to our region, with high yield entries, 10 advancing selections and 10 rangingfrommediumsmallforpotential, disease, pest and stress resist- industry chip processing standards; the ND102631AB-1andND102917C-1toance,andenhancedqualityattributes. results are summarized here.In addi- large for Dakota Diamond.The meanA major emphasis and an area of suc- tion,wecollaboratewithDr.Darrin vinematuritywas3.2,whichislatercess, has been breeding, selection, devel- Haagenson, USDA-ARS Potato Worksite than for the mean in 2017; early matur-opment, and release of chipping potato (EastGrandForks,Minnesota),atthis ing genotypes with high yield potentialcultivars.We continue to place empha- site,andin2018,Dr.AndyRobinson are important for the short growing sea-sis on incorporation of multiple resist- alsohadanagronomictrialaimedat sons in the northern plains.Vine matu-ancestodiseasesandpests,including chipselectionsadjacenttothetrials. rity differed significantly for the geno-Coloradopotatobeetle,aphidsand Thepotatobreedingprojectdidnot types, and ranged from 1.1 (very early)viruses, late blight, silver scurf, pink rot, have an irrigated chip trial in 2018. forND113278-3to4.0(medium-late)Pythiumleak,andtoabioticstresses forDakotaCrisp,IvoryCrispandsuchastemperature.Ourresearch The 2018 chip processing trial included Snowden.effortsprovideopportunitiesfor 20 entries, 10 advancing selections andimproved economic and environmental 10standardchipprocessingcultivars. Yield and grade for the entries is summa-sustainability, for superior quality prod- The trial was planted on May 31, using rized in Table 2.Mean yield was 262ucts for consumers.As part of our eval- an assist-feed planter, and harvested on cwt./acre, just 5 cwt/acre lower than inuation efforts, chip processing trials are September26usingasingle-row 2017.Thisissomewhatsurprisinggrown near Hoople, North Dakota.In Grimmeharvester.Plotswere20feet giventhedrygrowingconditionsin2018, as in the past many years, Lloyd, long, with a 12-inch with-in row spac- 2018 and that days to harvest were 20Steve, and Jamie Oberg hosted the trials. ing,and36inchesbetweenrows;the less than in 2017 (119 in 2018, 139 inWe are very grateful to them for being field design was a randomized complete 2017).Entrants varied significantly forsuch gracious hosts, and they also pro- blockdesignwithfourreplicates. total yield, with a range of 133 cwt./acrevidethesiteforthefinalstopofthe Cultivar specific management practices forND102917C-1to343cwt./acreforNorthernPlainsPotatoGrowers typical of non-irrigated chip processing DakotaDiamond.Theyieldandper-Association Annual Field Day held each productionfieldsinthenorthernRed centage A-sized tubers (4-10 ounce) dif-August.In 2018, the trials included the River Valley were used; days to harvest feredsignificantlyforclones;meansChipProcessingTrial,thePreliminary were119.Agronomiccharacteristics, were141cwt/aand54%,respectively.ChipTrial,andtheNationalChip yieldandgrade,andchipprocessing Thepercentagewasidenticalto2017.10 POTATO GROWER MAY/JUNE 2019'