b"Potato Publicity Stunt Remembered 35 Years Laterby Ted Kreis, NPPGA Marketing and Communications DirectorFargo to play in the Roger Maris LindstromsaidhewouldgiveCharity Golf Tournament. Maris Berra a sack of potatoes before hehad been Yogis New York Yankee left, but that never happened, soteammate. Vince Lindstrom, the afewmonthslaterhetoldthedirector of the Convention and PotatoGrowersAssociationtheVisitorsBureauinFargodrove storyandthefarmersgottoYogifromtheairporttohis scheming.hotel.Onthedrive,oneofBerras first comments was, My Ina2015interview,LindstromGod, its so flat out here, what do toldtheGrandForksHerald,you grow? Lindstrom told Yogi Somebody,maybeafterafewpotatoes were a big crop. Berras drinks,saidlet'ssendatruck-response.Youwouldnthave load of potatoes to Yogi!Andenoughpotatoesformyfront well, thats what they did. lawn. Ithinkitissafetosaythat35 Thestuntattractedsomuchyears ago, some Red River Valleypotatogrowerspulledoffthebest publicity stunt in the histo-ry of this association.On November 26, 1985, a semifull of Red River Valley PotatoespulleduptoYankeegreatYogiBerras house in Montclair, NewJersey, just outside of New YorkCity.There the two drivers start-edunloadingthe23tonsofspuds onto Yogis front yard!Manyofyouhaveheardthisstorybefore,orperhapsevenrememberwhenithappened,but it is worth retelling again.New York Yankee great Yogi Berra poses with his Red River Valley Potatoes in1985. Former RRVPGA President Lloyd Schmidt can be seen stacking cartonsEarlierthatyear,Yogiwasin behind Berra.4 POTATO GROWER JANUARY 2021"