b"Potato LEAF Reaches $2 Million Founders Society GoalFoundation Announces Virtual Institute Alumni Summit, July 13-15ThePotatoLeadership,Education, LEAF Board of Directors has extend- Moss, Potato LEAF BoardMember.andAdvancementFoundation edtheopportunitytobecomea ThroughtheInstituteAlumni(PotatoLEAF)todayannouncedit memberoftheFoundersSociety. Summit, we look forward to furtherhas achieved its inaugural fundrais- Pledges can now be made through investinginthe emergingleadersing goal of $2 million for 2020.Dec.31,2021,withfulfillmentby within the U.S. potato industry. Dec. 31, 2023.LaunchedatPotatoExpo2020in RegistrationinformationwillbeLas Vegas, Potato LEAF was created Potato LEAF also announced the cre- madeavailableinearly2021.Theto provide tools, training, and sup- ation of a new program designed to sessions will be taught by leadershipportnecessarytodevelopgrowers supportgraduatesofitsPotato trainingexpertsEricHerdmanandand industry members as leaders. IndustryLeadershipInstitute.The Laurie Richards. InstituteAlumniSummit,opentoWechallengedtheindustrywith past graduates of the Institute, will EricHerdmanisanaccomplishedan ambitious goal, and we couldn't takeplacevirtually,July13-15, motivatorandfacilitator.Hisaudi-bemoreappreciativeofthe 2021. Overthethreedays,the ences respond to his approaches toresponse,particularlyduringan Summitwillprovidealumniwith increaseproductivity,upgradeper-incrediblyuncertainyear,said engaging training sessions designed formance,strategicallypositionPotatoLEAFBoardMemberGregg with tips attendees can use immedi- business,andgetmorefromtheirHalverson. We want to thank the atelytoimprovetheirleadership teams.Heworkswithindividuals,growers, businesses, allied partners, skills.small business professionals, associ-and state and national potato organ- ation leaders, and Fortune 100 com-izations who stepped up to the plate July13:RefiningYourLeadership panies to help them lead themselvesduring Potato LEAFs first year. The Skills. and others to achieve results.solid financial foundation providedby these Founders Society members July14:RefiningYourConflict Afrequentcontributortothewill ensure Potato LEAF will be able Management. Leadership Institute, Laurie Richardstomeetitsmissionforyearsto has worked with thousands of farm-come. July 15: Boosting the Teams Morale. ers, executives, sales and marketingprofessionals, technical experts, andThePotatoLEAFFoundersSociety, Weve always seen the need for a otherleadershelpingthemeffec-created to acknowledge the inaugu- continuingeducationprogramlike tively tell their stories and improveralcontributorstothefoundation, theInstituteAlumniSummit,and communication at every level.recognizes individuals and business- the creation of the Potato LEAF pro-esmakingpledgesandcontribu- videdtheplatformtoturnthattions of $10,000 or more. The Potato visionintoareality,said Dan22 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2021"