b'Andys Advice: North Dakota FreshMarket Potato Cultivar/Selection TrialResults for 2019By Andy Robinson, Extension Potato Agronomist, NDSU/UMNPriortoplanting,ureaat120 tion of C + B + A + Chef. pounds of nitrogen (N) per acre wasbroadcast and incorporated. A ran- Theagronomicdatapresentedindomized complete block design was Tables 1 and 2 were analyzed statis-utilized. Seed tubers were hand cut tically.Theseanalysesallowthetoapproximatley2-ounceseed readertoascertain,atapredeter-pieces prior to planting. Tubers were mined level of confidence, if the dif-planted on May 31, 2019, in rows ferences observed among cultivars/thatwerespaced38inchesapart. selectionsarereliable,oriftheyPlots were 6.3 feet wide and 20 feet mightbeduetoerrorinherentinlong. the experimental process.Vines were desiccated on September TheLSD(leastsignificantdiffer-Potato cultivars or selections includ- 8thand13thwithdiquat.Red- ence)valuesbeneaththecolumnsed in this report were selected from skinned potato plots were harvested applyonlytothenumbersintherecentlyreleasedcultivarsorfrom on October 7th. About two-thirds of column in which they appear. If theadvancingselectionswithrelease theyellow-skinnedpotatoeswere differencebetweentwocultivars/potential (numbered lines progress- harvested on October 8th and the selections exceeds the LSD value atingthroughthetrialprocess),or remainderwereharvestedon 0.05 or 0.10, it means that with 95%cultivarsthatarenewtotheU.S. October 25th. Because of the chal- or 90% confidence, respectively, theStandardpotatocultivarsusedby lengeswithharvestingtheyellow- higher-yieldingcultivar/selectiongrowers served as checks.skinned tubers, specific gravity aver- hasasignificantyieldadvantage.age is shown only for plots harvest- WhenthedifferencebetweentwoIn 2019, two trials were conducted ed on October 8th and is not ana- cultivars/selections is less than theto identify traits of red-skinned and lyzed statistically. LSD value, no significant differenceyellow-skinned potato cultivars and was found between the two underadvancedselectionsatHoople, After harvest, potatoes were stored these growing conditions.NorthDakota.Seventeenred- at 55 o F until grading. The tuber sizeskinnedcultivarsand30yellow- profile distribution was determined TheCVstandsforcoefficientofskinnedcultivarswereevaluated. by sorting potatoes into C size (less variation, and is expressed as a per-Plots were established in a commer- than 1.875 inches), B size (1.875 to centage.TheCVisameasureofcial, nonirrigated potato field utiliz- 2.25inches),Asize(2.25to3.5 variabilityinthetrial.LargeCVsingcommonpotato-production inches), and Chef size (greater than meanalargeamountofvariationpractices. 3.5 inches). Total yield is a summa- that could not be attributed to dif-14 POTATO GROWER FEBRUARY 2020'