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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 626 POTATO GROWER 14GROUP Inc. Introduces 14PEEP and 14Zap To The Potato Storage Market Following years of development in 14GROUPs in-house RD facility two new peep and sprout eliminat- ing products have been released into the market for the 2015-16 storage season. 14PEEP and 14Zap will provide storage man- agers with a superior burn agent to safely and effectively eliminate sprout growth during the post-har- vest storage season. Both products have been subjected to significant lab and field testing to achieve max- imum results and are applied as a fog or vapor within a storage unit and will desiccate existing peeps and sprouts. 14Zap Formulation that provides maxi- mum pile penetration. Ability to upgrade potatoes to reduce market rejections. Burns peeps and sprouts for quick cleanup. 14PEEP Burn agent that returns potatoes to a state of dormancy to extend shelf life. Maintains potato firmness over time to increase storage life. Reduces quality rejections and maintains the quality for future shipments. 14GROUP Inc. distributes a full array of EPA registered products specifically targeted to maintain superior potato quality during the post-harvest storage season and is based in Meridian ID. For more information about all of their prod- ucts and your local technical repre- sentative visit