b'2018 Fresh Market Potato Trial Crystal, North Dakota by Dr. Susie Thompson, NDSU Potato BreederTheRedRiverValley(Northern overall tuber size profile.There are summarizedinTables1,2and3,Plains)potatoproductionareasof alsosomegrowersandpackersin respectively.PercentagestandNorthDakotaandMinnesotaand searchofgenotypeswithunique ranged from 68 to 100% (Table 1);the Central Sands of Minnesota pro- skin and/or flesh colors for specialty Red LaSoda had the poorest stand atducebeautifulredandyellow marketing.58%,whilemanyhadcompleteskinned potatoes for the fresh table- stands.Vine sizes significantly dif-stock market. The fresh market trials were grown fered, as expected, and ranged fromnear Crystal, North Dakota, in 2018, very small for Dakota Rose, to veryAdditionally,certifiedseedgrowers and were hosted by Dave and Andy large for ND1360B-1RY.Vine matu-also produce these cultivars for sale Moquist (O.C. Schulz & Sons).The rity ranged from very early (1.0) fortofreshmarketgrowerswhopro- growingseasonwasabitdry,but severalselections,tomediumlateduce in southern states during the overallexcellentresultswere forND1382-2R.Stemnumberswinter and spring.About 26% of US obtained.ThetrialsatCrystal ranged from 1.7 to 5.5 (Red LaSoda).production is for tablestock, prima- included the preliminary fresh mar- Stems per plant is indicative of seedrily red skinned-white fleshed and a kettrialandtheadvancedfresh quality,includingphy-siologicalfewyellowskinned-yellowfleshed market trial.Many of the advancing age, seed size, tuber eye number (acultivars.RedandDarkRedNor- selectionshadhighsetandexcel- genetictrait),andlengthofdor-land selections, Red LaSoda, Sangre, lent red skin color.Tables 1-3 sum- mancy (a genetic trait highly influ-and Yukon Gold, amongst others are marize the results. enced by the environment).Overallpredominant.These cultivars have seed quality was excellent and wasweaknesses,includingthelackof Thirty advancing fresh market selec- reflected in the stem numbers.ForuniformredcolorfortheNorland tionsandcommerciallyacceptable mostcultivarsoptimumperform-selections, at times deep eyes for Red cultivars were included in the trial ance will be in the 1.5 to 3.0 stemLaSoda,thepropensityforhollow planted on May 30, 2018.The field range.If a smaller tuber size profileheartinYukonGold,andthe plot design was a randomized com- is desired, growers may manipulatepatchyrussettedskinthatoften plete block with four replicates; cul- stemnumbersbygreensproutingdevelops on Sangre.Cultivars with tural practices typical of the growing (chitting),usingproductssuchasuniform bright red skin color that is areaandnon-irrigatedpotatopro- gibberellicacid,plantinginbedsretainedthroughstorage,disease duction were used during the grow- using a higher plant population, orresistanceincludingtocosmetic ingseason.Rowswere36inches bytighteningupthewith-inrowdiseasessuchassilverscurfand apart,witha12-inchwithin-row spacing,rowspacing,orboth.blackdot,glossyskinfinish,and spacing.Vines were desiccated on Tuber number per plant differed sig-high yield potential using minimal approximatelySeptember10,and nificantly, and ranged from 4.8 forinputs, are traits desired by the fresh thetrialwasharvestedon Yukon Gold to 11.9 for ND13241C-industry. September 25, with days to harvest 6R.totaling 117. Recently,muchinteresthasbeen Overallfor2018,yieldswereshowntocultivarsandadvancing Agronomicevaluations,yieldand reducedandthetubersizeprofileselectionsthatproduceasmaller grade,andqualityattributesare was smaller due to the dry summer10 POTATO GROWER APRIL 2019'